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Trying to install a Lexmark x1150 3in 1 printer

Don't know what else to do!! HELP!! The 3 in 1 worked great on Windows XP, but recently purchased a HP Pavillion dual core 2 with Vista . I have tried everything to get this thing to work. Went into Lexmark to try and load from that, tried the CD, this site Vista for beginners followed it to the max. I have broadband high speed it installed for 2 hours and kept installing. Would not stop, until I stopped it. Still don't have my 3-1 working, Everything else I tried all I got were errors. this time, no errors it just wouldn't quit installing. My patience has wore very thin. All the websites I have been on make it sound so easy. Yeah Right!!Lexmark makes it sound easy. Has anyone any solutions to how to get this printer to work? I have played with this thing for 2 weeks, I need a printer, I am about ready to get rid of this one and get a new one, maybe it will work.


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