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Bluetooth File Transfer Wizard doesn't pop up!


First of all, thank you for having this helpful information for us - this really helps!

However, I got a slight problem that I don't know how to fix. My bluetooth did pair with my Samsung mobile phone, but when reaching the stage of testing procedure, the "bluetooth file transfer wizard" doesn't pop up after I selected a picture in my laptop, clicked "Send to" and "Bluetooth device" respectively. Instead, it did work when I did it manually by right-clicking at the bluetooth icon at the bottom right and then "Send a file"

Do you know why this happens? Actually it's not a major problem, but sometimes I'd like to send a file right away at the file itself rather than clicking the bluetooth icon again. This becomes annoying when the sending files are in, let say, 5 levels sub-folders. You know what I mean?

And, I use the Window Vista. Thanks a lot in advance!


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