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Get your Volume ICON back on the TaskBar right way permanently!

To get the volume icon back and really FIX it you must have igfxtray.exe running as a task.
Make sure it is in your startup so it will load each time you have to restart your computer/PC/ Laptop.

I have windows XP and this is how I fixed the problem on mine. I don't know what I did at some
point to remove igfxtray.exe from my startup tasks.

But to fix it permanently without having to re-click the "show on taskbar" under volume over and over and over again this task igfxtray.exe has to be in your startup. S Adrian

I had this problem forever and all I could find was the "go to volume" and re-click the show volume on taskbar solution... which only fixes it until you have to turn your PC off. I finally figured out the right way
to fix it after my PC got the AWFUL "AVP" Virus (Adv Virus Protection) (some scam that loads a virus claiming to fix viruses) anyway... I had to reload some features from my recover disk (which I dug up after 5 years, thank goodness it was still around) when I had recovered my Laptop and could get back to using it... I noticed the Taskbar with Volume Icon was working again!!!! all the time!!!

I then noted the igfxtray.exe task running which at some previous point I had permanently removed from
executing at startup thus creating my volume not appearing in taskbar problem in the first place.

Geez, Now it seems so obvious.
S Adrian


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