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Here is the easy fix:

Don't edit your registry, don't reboot, don't....

This is apparently an explorer.exe problem (see this thread at the bottom of this page:

1. Start Task Manager (ctrl-alt-del and select Start Task Manager or right-click on empty space on Task Bar and select Task Mgr).
2. Click on Processes.
3. Click on Image Name (this will sort the processes by name--makes it easier for next step.)
4. Click on "explorer.exe".
5. Click on the End Process button.
6. Still in Task Mgr, click on Applications tab.
7. Click on the New Task... button.
8. Type in "explorer.exe" and hit enter.

[Note: Steps 6 & 7 is the same as clicking on File on the Task Mgr menu, then selecting New Task (Run...). Same number of mouse clicks.]

Your icons will reappear.



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