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Solution to 'do not have permission '

This was driving me nuts too. I have 3 Vista PCs and wanted to share multiple internal hard drives across my network. I could see all the drives I shared but could only access some (very weird). Like PC #1 get into a drive on PC #3, but not on PC #2, and so on. Kept giving me the 'You do not have permission' error message.

Oh, BTW, the 'Public' folder on each PC was always available on every other PC across the network, but back to the problem.

Make sure each PC is set to be on a 'Private' network (look in the Networking & Sharing Center, there is a small hyperlink in the middle on the right). Make sure all the little green circles for Network detection and file sharing are set to OK.

Make sure the name of the Network is the same on each PC.

Make sure the Workgroup is named the same on each PC.

Go to My Computer and right click on the hard Drive you want to share. Click on properties. Click on the Sharing Tab. The share button may be grayed out (it was on mine), don't panic. Click the 'Advanced' button below that.

Now make sure that you add 'Everyone' and click all the check boxes below to all FULL Access.

Now, this is where the solution comes in (at least for me).

Click the SECURITY tab. Add 'Everyone' under this tab too. When you do this it may have a dialog box pop up as it is scanning your drive, just keep clicking OK. For me I had to click that lot (it keeps saying something about the resource is currently in use), a bit of a pain but once it scans the drive you are done.

Click OK to close all the dialog boxes and you should see and be able to access each each HD you share across all the PCs!

Just FYI, I do not have any passwords set on any of my computers and my user names are all different on each PC, but all my PCs are Vista OS.
Some people were reporting that you need to have the same UN and PW (and not blank) on each machine. This may apply if you have a mix of XP and Vista computers, not sure. So if the problem is still not fixed, you may also need to try that.


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