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Vista Networking

Hello D4rkman,

I have the following problem:

Upon powring up my system started returning the message "Google Desktop could not be started" and sort of froze. I therefore uninstalled Google Desktop via Programs > Google Desktop >
uninstall, including the index library.

After doing that ALL my network connections were gone and I can't access the Internet.

When I go to Computer > Network, there is no single icon, i.e. connection listed anymore. Further, I cannot enable the Windows function "Discover Networks" under "Network Center" which is set to off. My WLAN is
enabled so that can't be it.

I followed your instructions above and this is what I got:

1) I successfully turned off my Kaspersky Firewall
2) I tried to turn on the Windows Firewall but system responded "The service Windows Firewall cannot be started"
3) SSDP is set to automatic but the service won't start, I am told: "The service was started and then stopped. Some services are stopped automatically if they are not used by other services or programs"
4) TCIP: set to started and automatic
5) UpnP: set to automatic but can't start the service; system tells me: "error 1068: the dependent service or the dependent group could not be started"
6) Computer Browser: set to started and automatic
7) Server: set to started and automatic
8) Link Layer Topology: set to automatic and started

Here are some of the other system messages I am getting when trying to get to the bottom of this:

- "Notification Service for System Events" can't be started (this message apperas upon powerin up)
- In the Network and Sharing Center: there are no icons like 'this computer', home, or 'Internet'; where the access and connection details of an established network would be listed it says: "Unknown" and "the dependent service or the dependent group could not be started. Make sure that the settings of your firewall correspond to the settings here to that file sharing and network discovery will work properly."
- Windows Network Diagnosis: Windows wireless network service is not running on this computer, if I click to start the service I receive the message "The problem could not be fixed. Please contact your administrator or your Internet provider"

I am running Windows Vista Business and working on a Sony Vaio VGN-TX 5MN.

Do you have any advice on how I can restore networking and connectivity?

Any help is much appreciated.


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