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vista networking

Make sure Your windows firewall is active it affects the setting of network discovery if you disable widows firewall you wont be able to change network settings they are linked together strange but thats how microsoft configured it so make sure all these steps are set up to allow networking..

SSDP Discovery, is set to Automatic and started
TCiP NETBios Helper is set to Automatic and started
UpnP Device Host is set to Automatic and started
Computer Browser is set to Automatic and started
Server is set to Automatic and started
Link Layer Topology is set to Automatic and started

You can access your service by right mouse button on taskbar on desktop then select TASK MANAGER then go to services tab then click the other service tab at the bottom of window or go to RUN and type
Services.msc Then ENTER once youve checked all these service

go to the folder you want to share right mouse click and choose Properties Then select Sharing then select ADVANCED SHARING
Click the share checkbox
Then Permission Tab

Set all to Allow

CHANGE = ticked
READ ticked
If your running third party firewalls make sure its not blocking your network by temporary disabling it whilst you set your networking up
if you follow all of the above step you will be able to share any folder in vista bar system folders
Also if you networking vista to xp make sure you download the
or you xp machine wont be discoverable


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