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Sharing in Vista on peer-to-peer workgroup

we are sharing between 3 computers in a peer-to-peer network between 3 Vista computers. We can get them to share between the "Public" folders, but when we try and set the sharing up on any of the other folders (we want to set up the "my documents" folder on the boss's computer as shared access for the office manager and myself ~ he doesn't have to have access to our computers...but we need acccess to we won't have to be running in his office every little bit to access the files we need!) It keeps asking for user name and password, but none of the blasted things have user names and passwords set up! It's also a private workgroup, not a public. We even had an outside tech guy come in..he said all of our configurations are set up correctly and he couldn't figure out why it was doing it either! We are at the point where we are saying "to heck with it" and are going to put all the important stuff in the public folders unless someone can make a suggestion as to something else for us to try. Firewall has been turned off on individual computers, the firewall is on the T1 line, external to the inner workgroup, so I know it's not a firewall problem. Matching user accounts have been set up on all three computers, with same names, no passwords, all with administrator privledges, so I know it is not that. Can actually see the hard drives, see the folders, but when try to access them, cannot access them.


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