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Can't turn on File Share

I had the same problem in Vista where I could not turn on file share. This occured after uninstalling Norton IS.
This is how I resolved it: 1st I temporarilty turned off windows firewall to see if it was the problem, and sure enough I was then able to turn on file share. I looked in exceptions in the FW settings, and noticed there was no entry for file sharing.
Then I opened "Administrative Tools" in Control Panel, then "Windows Firewall with Advanced Security", then click on Windows Firewall Properties. Select the "Private Profile" tab, then I changed "Inbound Connections" to "Allow" (Outgoing should be "Allow" as well). I was then able to turn file, and printer sharing on. When I checked those same settings later, the incoming connections setting had automatically changed back to "blocked", but my file sharing was still turned on. Go figure, but this worked for me. Good luck...


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