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1. You're wrong about free. 2. You missed an important step!!!

Okay, I came here hoping to get help with a recalcitrant account but it looks like I'll have to give it instead.

Your tutorial is good except for two points:

Firstly, it perpetuates the myth that NO free Yahoo accounts can use POP unless they upgrade to MailPlus - I have two free accounts set up on three different computers - XP Pro, 2000 Pro and Win 98SE and yes, we are in 2008 and Yahoo *will* work with 98SE still - what matters is that Outlook Express 6 is supported, not what my version of Windows is. I also have another account that is free and isn't eligible for POP access. I do not have MailPlus with any of them - they are totally, 100% free accounts. Some free accounts can use POP (meaning Outlook Express, etc.) and it's very easy to work out if yours can. (Admittedly, there is someone on Yahoo Answers who always tells people to upgrade to MailPlus and not much information about it on Yahoo so I understand you would think free accounts are never eligible.)

Secondly, POP access MUST be enabled in your online mail options before you can get your emails. Lots of people here are getting a password error and that is likely the reason for most, if not all of the password errors mentioned here.

Your screenshots doubtlessly make this an easier tutorial to follow for many people than Yahoo's own. Nice work.


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