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Adding programs to the list


If you're referring to the new tutorial at that sort of doesn't really answer the question... Not for me, anyway.

Sure, you can "enable" and "disable" access to Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer there, but I don't see that you can add a program to the list.

I have quite the collection of browsers, and "Firefox", "Opera" and "Internet Explorer" is not in my eyes as much three programs, as three version trees.

The other day Windows Vista decided that default: Opera means Opera 7 and Opera 9 stopped being the default. Now I can transfer the "default" status between Firefox and Opera 7, but I want to specify a program that is not in the list - Opera 9. I can only assume the same problem would be there if you have Firefox 2 and Firefox 3 installed side by side. And what about my other browsers that aren't even listed?

I realize that I am not a beginner and thus looking for answers at the wrong place. But this was the closest to an answer I could find on google.

So, is there some way that we can add (and remove) programs from this list? I won't uninstall Opera 7 but I won't have it as my default browser either.

Thanks for the tutorials, anyway. :)


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