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Defrag not working?

I have Vista HomePremium SP1 installed with the defrag utility scheduled to run every Mon at 2AM. At the scheduled time the task scheduler will claim it is running but I can find no evidence of this in the task manager process list. If I hit the Run button in task scheduler I also find no evidence of the process. If I run defrag from a command prompt I will then find the defrag process in the task manager process list.
Two, when I return to the computer the next day after work I will open the task scheduler and under the defrag task History tab I will find that the defrag utility is claimed to have run continuously for the last 14 hours, only stopping because I moved the mouse. I will also find the computer in sleep mode. I have always heard that the HD is turned off in sleep mode so I cannot believe that defrag was running while the computer was asleep.
I've also heard that Vista defrag will only run with lowest priority. Could it be that every slight tick of computer activity will cause defrag to restart from the beginning, effectively never allowing it to complete it's work?
Ciprian, could you please use my email to respond?
Thank you, Dave


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