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Defrag is worse in Vista than XP

I agree with everyone who liked XP's version better. If it's NOT broke, why fix it??? What was so hard about XP's version? That we actually got to see what it was doing and how long it was taking? If someone doesn't want to see that then why not have an option to see or not see progress and time remaining? I have no idea how long it is going to take when I defrag now. It seems to go on for HOURS. I prefer to see what it is doing, how long it is taking and how long it has left to finish. XP's version didn't need to change (except maybe make it faster). If anything the new defragmenter is much, MUCH slower. It's frustrating because I don't know what it's doing or why it is taking so long. I don't even defrag much anymore because of all these problems. So I'm sure my computer has problems it didn't with XP because of this. Defragging both my computers for about 5 hours end in sight..............


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