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Changing WMP shortcut keys

I have read many a forum comment saying you cannot change the shortcut keys in media player (& other programs), but i've been doing this for ages, using a simple macro program. Very handy if you (like me) use a wireless keyboard to control your pc when it's plugged into your main tv screen...& dont fancy pressing multiple keys to change track/dvd chapter etc.

Just go to;

Have a read, click the download tab, run the installer, practise a bit & create an '.ahk' file that you open with WMP (you could even create a macro to do that for you!). I'm no pc expert, yet it only took me 15 minutes to create something useful.

I have a few saved strings that work on all sorts of applications...its great for lazy buggers like me, who'd like to drink beer & work the pc all at the same time ;o)

Hope this helps.


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