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Hi again,
Here is the whole scenario of what happen to my Toshiba Satellite U200/U205, My brother was sent a newer laptop simillar to mine and he had two Window Vista Cds, one that came with the laptop, and the other one that had to be purchased separately for the upgrade license. He lent me the wrong cd, the one that came for free with his laptop, windows vista installed fine. (But I didn't know that it would go that deep into my system) I didn't like Vista, so I put in my original Toshiba Satellite U200/U205 recovery cd in and it doesn't work, stating WRONG MACHINE! So I downloaded the VistaBoot Pro and tried to switch to Windows XP but I think it didn't work because it's still on Windows Vista. So I got my brother's Recovery CD which is different from my but works.. Put my laptop on Windows Vista, what should I do? How do I make my laptop go back to square one. Pls. Help me..
Thank you so much..


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