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Migrating Outlook Data from 2003 XP - 2007 Vista

Thanks so much, Gordon. Your tip to use File>Open>Outlook Data File worked. Wish I'd read this post BEFORE migrating files from XP/Outlook 2003 to Vista / Outlook 2007 with Windows Easy Transfer.

My experience was similar to those in other user groups: Although Outlook contacts appeared, they were not appropriately associated with an address book, and the the checkbox "Show contacts as an Outlook Address Book" was grayed-out and could not be checked. By the way, using "Import/Export" functionality DID NOT solve my problem.

Since I'd already used my new machine for a few days, my data file had been augmented from that on the old machine, so I did not re-copy it. Instead, I worked soley with the Outlook 2007 data file. I copied it to my desktop, and deleted it from Outlooks default datafile location, deleted my user profile, created a new user profile, and then used File>Open>Outlook Data File from within Outlook to locate it. Ultimately, I moved the datafile back to the default location. Don't know if this was overkill, but my Contacts now function properly.


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