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New hardware purchased along

New hardware purchased along with Windows Vista will not solve problems with the new operating system.

I purchased a new Acer 5920 about a month ago (it's 12/26/07 at the time of this writing) with Vista Home Premium pre-loaded on it and after about 2 weeks of using it, the time it took to transfer from my old laptop to the new one, the Vista operating system has introduced more problems than it's worth!!! Acer didn't even bother to provide CDs so the operating system could be be re-intalled, as if any idiot would really want to. But, it would at least be the best option without purchasing a full blown version of Windows XP serperately.

Anyone who has ever purchased a new computer to replace an old one, more than once, can understand the inherent problems with doing so without the added problems of dealing with a beta version of an operating system represented as a proven version. Windows Vista is obviously still a beta version. Unproven. Untested. Released, without being responsible for, and without a warning...USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!

Acer, as well other computer manufacturers (and/or assembly companies) are as guilty, if not more so, in providing their product with such beta software. It's given to them free of charge from Microsoft, without support, to perpetuate the software as a marketing scheme. Take note the word "scheme". Check your dictionary, as a consumer the word "scheme" is NOT to your benefit.

Will Acer OR Microsoft address these issues to their consumers satisfactions.............they never have!

SO....buyer beware!!! Do not pay money for any computer with Vista installed and no means to downgrade the operating system to a time tested proven version or a CD, or other reliable storage source not requiring an internet connection, to re-install the operation system supplied with the hardware.


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