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Uanble to map a NAS in VISTA but works in Xp and Win7

I have a LG NAS model N2B1-DD2 (and a DLink-NAS model DNS-323) that I can´t map as a network drive on my VISTA machine. But it wokrs on a XP machine and on a Win7 machine *but I had to map manually by ehnetring the path / it couldnt serach and find the units

I try to map with \\LGNAS\volume_1 AND with the ip-nr but it says - for both the NAS that it cant find

I DO can see an ikon for ecah NAS in the explorer window but I cant reach the volume on them.

They are all on the same wireless network and in the same workgroup and I dont have the VISTA firewall active.
I use Norton 360( but have tried to disable the firewall when I try to connect.

The LGNAS is new but the Dlink NAS worked some weeks ago on the same VISTA machine. Then there was an upgrade of the VISTA *patvhes9 that I installed / and after that I lost the contact with the Dlink/NAS *and could not connect the LG NAS( . At the same time I renamed the LG NAS why I thought that might have been the reason whyt it not worked / but now I think there must be something in VISTA

I can se the local VISTA PC and a ntebook / but same problem / I cant connect to them either.

I have only one account administrator


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