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NetCenter Network mapping

I know how to map the drive. The problem is reconnecting once i restart my computer. The way I usually reconnect is by clicking the Network Icon and wait for the drive to be recognized. Once it is recognized I click on it and the user name and password prompt comes up. I type in the user name and password and click ok, it reprompts me but this time it has the name of my computer followed by a "/" and the user name I typed in. While this is happening there is a green status bar that is slowly filling up on the address bar. If i click ok before it is half way full it will not connect, but if I wait until it is atleast half way then it will connect.
Once I do that I can map the network drive successfully, the problem is when I restart the computer. If I want to access the folder I have to go through the whole thing again. Any ideas? (I hope I made myself clear)


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