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The User Profile Service service failed the logon

User Profile cannot be loaded .

Just got a new computer with Windows Vista on it. Everything appears to be working okay other then I created an account for my husband but when he trys to sign in he gets the following message: The User Profile Service service failed the logon. User Profile cannot be loaded. Tried this many times with same message

Rogers set up my Windows Mail and put in both mine and my husband's email accounts and unfortunately they loaded from Rogers together on the same account. So I deleted his setup under accounts and told him to go to the Rogers homepage to get his email. So I think unless I can set him up as a user he cannot has his own email account under Windows mail.

I am set up as a administrator and there is also a standard account set up on the system ASP.Net Machine Account as a standard user. Don't know where that came from. I did what you said up above thinking it would create another user but it changed my password even though I did not delete my previous one.


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