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how do other users make their account admin??

My daughter has several times changed her account from standard to admin. With XP, I know she was unable to do that, but now I have added a password to her account that only I know and when I log in on her account, I am able to simply make it a admin. WTF?? How can I turn that unwanted functionality off? When she makes it admin, it turns off parental controls. So, for now, she has NO access to the computer whatsoever until I solve this. She isn't going to terribly BAD sites, it's just she wants to download crap like cursors and stuff so we end up with a ton of spyware. This is despite my expalanations about why she can't do that. I don't want to have to sit here and babysit her online, that's why I have strict parental controls. I freakin' HATE Vista!!!!!!!!!!!


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