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Columns in Windows Contacts

I'm using a French version of Vista, so I'm not entirely sure what some of the column headings are in English.

But one field that appeared previously under the 'Professional' tab on a contact was 'Office Location'. In French, this has now become the 'Service' field - at least that's where all the entries I imported ended up.

The problem is that whilst an individual entry display the contents of the "Service" (previously "Office Location") field, if one enables the column in the Contacts display and chooses the "Details" display, nothing appears in the "Service" column. One can still elect to sort using that field, but it isn't displayed.

I always found it a very useful field as it could be used to group contacts easily and furthermore, if one wished to use the "Find Contacts" click under Outlook Express, it was also searched as part of the "Other" fields.

This gave you the possibility to have the names of several different groups in the "Office Location" field. Even if one were using Outlook, it was superior to the "Category" field because it could be set in MS Excel if one wished to assign a category to many contacts at the same time.

How do I display the "Service" field (previously "Office Location")?


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