Windows Mail keyboard shortcuts

In this article we have compiled a list of the most useful keyboard shortcuts that can be used when working in Windows Mail. Of course, you can always work using only the mouse but, if you will learn some of these shortcuts, you will notice that using the keyboard always saves you time.

Shortcuts that can be used in the main window:

  • Send and receive e mail - CTRL+M
  • Open or post a new message - CTRL+N
  • Open Contacts - CTRL+SHIFT+B
  • Delete an e mail message - DEL or CTRL+D
  • Reply to the message author - CTRL+R
  • Reply to all - CTRL+SHIFT+R or CTRL+G (newsgroups only)
  • Forward a message - CTRL+F
  • Find a message - CTRL+SHIFT+F
  • Print the selected message - CTRL+P
  • Go to the next unread e mail message - CTRL+U
  • Open a selected message - CTRL+O or ENTER
  • Mark a message as read - CTRL+ENTER or CTRL+Q
  • Move between the message list, Folders list (if on), and Preview pane - TAB
  • Go to your Inbox - CTRL+I
  • Go to a folder - CTRL+Y

Shortcuts that can be used in the message window (when viewing or sending):

  • Close a message - ESC
  • Find text - F3 or CTRL+SHIFT+F

Shortcuts that can be used in the message window (opnly when sending messages):

  • Check spelling - F7
  • Insert a signature - CTRL+SHIFT+S

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Re: Hiding preview pane

Go to VIEW --> LAYOUT, then uncheck "Show Preview Pane"

inadvertently sending email

Sometimes when I'm typing an email I'll hit the "enter" button and the incomplete email will be sent even tho I'm not ready to send it. How can I prevent this?

There is a Windows keyboard

There is a Windows keyboard short cut to send emails. Sounds like you are accidentally keying it as you are typing.
The shortcut is CTRL + Enter. FYI!

mail recipients

I have a contact group of 150 cantacts, when I try and send email to the group I receive an error message too may recipients.
What is the maximum number of recipients youu can send to?

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