Clock, Language, and Region

Configure Clock, Language, and Region in Windows Vista, 7, 8 and Windows 10.

Understanding the Language Settings in Windows 8

Windows 8 presents a similar selection of language and keyboard settings to those of previous editions, although there have also been a number of improvements. Windows 8 provides keyboard layouts and time, date and number formats for just about every language and region you can imagine. It also provides complete interface languages for no less than 109 languages and regions. Following is an introduction to the various features of the multilingual world of Windows.

An Introduction to Keyboard Layouts in Windows

Keyboard layouts in Windows allow you to type in a different language or dialect. By far the most common keyboard layout in the world is the standard QWERTY keyboard. Other countries, however, tend to have slightly different layouts while countries with languages written in different scripts have completely different keyboards entirely. However, regardless of the physical keyboard you have, you can install and use any keyboard layout that's supported by Windows. You can even design your own custom keyboard layouts using the free Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator application.

How to change the interface language of your Windows Vista

Lately we have been receiving many help requests from people who have their Windows Vista in one language and would like to switch to another one. For example, people who traveled to Canada and bought from there a laptop with Windows Vista in French and would like to switch to English, or the other way around. I've done a little bit of digging and testing on this topic and I managed to find a few solutions which might help you to switch your Windows Vista interface to any language you want to.

Checking the time for multiple time zones from the Windows Sidebar

In our previous article we have shown you how to check the time for multiple time zones directly from your taskbar. Now I will show you how to do the same thing from your Windows Sidebar.

Checking the time for multiple time zones directly from your taskbar

If you work in a corporation and you need to schedule meetings with people from all over the world, it's quite a challenge to convert your time to two or three different time zones. If, for example, you are based in Europe and you need to schedule a conference call with people from USA and India or Philippines, it's quite difficult to find an hour when everybody is at work.

One of the small but useful changes in Windows Vista, allows you to have three clocks in the taskbar, each clock showing the time for a different time zone. This can be of great help when scheduling this kind of meetings. You can quickly see the hour in the other time zones and make the correct arrangements.

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