How to boot in safe mode

There are times when your system fails for various reasons such as: a virus attack, bad drivers installation, power outage, disk corruption, etc. In these cases you might not be able to start your system normally so you will need to boot into the so called 'Safe Mode'.
When you boot Windows Vista into 'Safe Mode', the operating system will have reduced functionality, meaning that it will disable many non-core components and devices. This will keep your system stable while you diagnose and repair the cause of the malfunction.

In case you don't know how to boot in 'Safe Mode', click on the Read more link.

In order to access the Advanced Boot Options window, you must wait for the system to initialize. Then quickly press the 'F8' key just before the Windows Vista loading screen appears.

Safe Mode

In the Advanced Boot Options window you can choose from several boot options. When you select a boot option, in the description field you can see what that option actually does.

Safe Mode

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How to boot in safe mode

I wish your article had been printed a couple of months earlier, I had to pay Dell £34.08 for that piece of information.

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