Appearance and Personalization

Tutorials showing you how to customize the following: looks (resolution, colors, etc), the taskbar and start menu, Folder Options and Fonts.

Windows DreamScene

DreamScene is a tool that allows people to use videos and other optimized animations as desktop wallpapers. It is included in the Windows Ultimate Extras package and can be downloaded using the Windows Update service. At this time Microsoft released a Technical Preview version as the final product is not yet ready.

Remove the arrow and the "shortcut" text from your Windows Vista shortcuts

Since we launched we noticed that quite a high percentage of our visitors searched for a way to remove the arrow and the "shortcut" text from their Windows Vista shortcuts. So today we are publishing a guide on how to do just that.

Even though this is a topic for experienced users of Windows operating systems that know how to use the registry editor, we tried to make this process as simple as possible. It doesn't matter if you used the registry editor or not, just follow these steps:

Take advantage of the new Quick Launch Bar

One of the small but nice new things in Windows Vista is the Quick Launch Bar. It is not just a bar with nice little shortcuts on which you click, it is also a collection of quick keyboard shortcuts.

Changing what the power button does

When you press the power button of your Windows Vista PC, you will see that it doesn’t shut down by default. Windows Vista makes the system enter into sleep mode. This mode allows you to restart your PC and log back to Windows Vista very quickly.

However, there are people who prefer to shut down their systems when pressing the power button. In this tutorial we will show you how to change what the power button does.

Are you lost in the new Control Panel? Switch to the old one!

One of the most visible changes in Windows Vista is the complete redesign of the Control Panel. Lots of things were moved and now you have very easy access to some configuration options while others seem to be hidden deep in the Control Panel menus.

If you have a hard time finding things, don't worry. Windows Vista gives you the option to switch back to the old Control Panel and this is how you do it:

How to change the size of your icons

When I installed and logged into Windows Vista, the first thing that I noticed were the big icons from my desktop. Immediately I searched for a way to make them smaller. So far, this is the easiest method I found:

Where is the Run button?

If you take a quick look at the new Windows Vista Start Menu you will notice that the “Run” button has disappeared.

Where did the Run button go?

Where did the Shut Down & Log Off buttons go?

One of the most controversial changes in Windows Vista is the redesign of the way in which you can shut down your computer. The Log Off and Shut Down buttons are no longer in the same position even if the new buttons in Windows Vista may give you the impression that they have the same functionality.

So... where did the Shut Down and Log Off buttons go?

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