Tweak the User Account Control (UAC)

TweakUACA few days ago we published a guide on how to disable the User Account Control feature in Windows Vista. Disabling this feature can bring less frustration when doing administrative tasks on your computer but at the same time exposes your system to a number of security threats.

While browsing the internet, we managed to find a free software tool that allows you to fine tune UAC. It is called TweakUAC and you can find it here.

With TweakUAC you can easily turn off UAC, switch it to quiet mode and turn it on.

TweakUAC interface

The quiet mode is very interesting. This option does not turn off UAC completely. All your applications will still run with the standard user permissions but you will get rid off all those annoying confirmation prompts that Windows Vista shows each time you do administrative tasks like installing applications or changing system settings.

All the standard users will not be affected by the switch to quiet mode and they will still see the elevation prompts. This mode applies only to administrator accounts and it doesn't seem to affect the security of your system as much as completely disabling UAC.

We used this tool for a few days and we are very satisfied with the results. TweakUAC offers a great balance between usability and security.

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RE: UAC Switch

Found another UAC app that is a little better called WinCleaner UAC Switch.

Don't have much to say

Don't have much to say except for - FINALLY!

uac desactivated?

Every time i set my vista in UAC quite mode... it shows an alert that the UAC is desactivated... so i don't know if this is normal... when i put quite mode it appears to be off? or is there something wrong? thx

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