How to play audio CD’s in Windows Vista

This is the first and the shortest article of a series that will show you how to play, rip and burn audio CD's in Windows Vista. Even if these are three different activities, all of them can be done using only one application: Windows Media Player 11, which is included by default in your installation of Windows Vista. Even though Windows Media Player doesn't have the performance or features offered by more specialized third party solutions, it can get the job done. So, if you do not want to invest more money on software, Windows Media Player is the solution for you.

First, we will show you how to play audio CD's.

You just have to enter your audio CD in your CD/DVD-ROM unit and wait for a few seconds. By default, the "AutoPlay" window will pop-up, asking what you want to do:


Now you have two options: you can play all the music found on the audio CD or you can open it and view the files.

To play all the tracks from the CD, choose "Play using Windows Media Player" from the „AutoPlay”menu. If you want to, you can check the option "Always do this for audio files" and the next time you'll insert an audio CD, Windows will automatically open Media Player and play the music found on the CD.

If you want to view the files and only select a few of them to play, click on "Open folder to view files". Now you need to select the tracks you want to listen to. If you want to select more files that are not in consecutive order hold down the "Ctrl" key while selecting the tracks with the mouse. To listen to these tracks, click on the blue "Play" button from the right panel or click the right button of your mouse and select "Play".

Play Button

Now that you know how to play audio CD's with Windows Media Player, you can read our next tutorial and find out how you can rip the music from audio CD’s and save it as files on your computer.

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CD will not play in Vista Windoiws Media Player

What is going on here? My CD/DVD drive will play DVDs and photo CD's but will not even try to play CD Audio.
Ripping CD or just playing CD will not function.
Please give me some help.

I've done the default autoplay thing, but still nothing happens.


Same Problem

I'm having the exact same problem. It won't play on anything.

No Sound

used to be able to play CD's now no sound at all.

CD Player

I used to have a picture of a CD on My Computer. It is no longer. I have to force open the door to my player. I also have to force it closed. Even then nothing comes up to allow me to click on that I want to play the CD. It is as though the capability is completely gone. Please help! Thank you.

SAME problem

i have upgraded to Vista i can install games but when i tried playing audio cd's it wont work saying cd is damaged or turn on error correction and try again what the hells goin on

Similar problem

It will play first minute of first song, then tell me the CD is scratched or damaged. It will not play any songs after that. Help!

media player will not play music cd or photocd

trieed to
adjujst settings but player still will not play music or photo cd

Media Player will not play CDs

I thought I was on my own! Bought new machine with Vista Basic pre-installed and WMP11 worked fine, but when upgraded to Vista Home Premium Cd will not play beyond 1 min 3 seconds with thre same messages as other people seems to have. Hardware manufacturer says I need a special codec - but for normal CDs! What on earth is going on here? Does anyone have a solution as I can never get thorugh to the Vista support people?

Unable to play CDs

My hardware manufacture has got back to me with a suggestion. See Microsoft Knowledge Base article 929461. This proves that Microsoft know all about this problem, but are doing zip about it!

Media Player does not play CDs

I was able to get Media Player to play CDs with Vista.

Tools, Options, then Devices TAB
Highlight Speakers then click Properties
Use 24 Bit AUDIO for audio CDs needs to be checked

Media Player does not play CDs

Where do you perform this action that you posted (starts off with Tools)? Do I do it in Windows Media Player or somewhere else?

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